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Community Organizing: Having the RITE Story

“No Manual is an Island”
– A Paradigm Shift in Availability & Distribution.

“No manual is an island
entire of itself
every manual is a piece of the larger territory
a part of the main.”

Paraphrasing John Donne’s historic poem from 1624 reflects our orientation. No one manual or program designed for a specific population promoting a particular outcome or preventing a specific problem recognizes interrelationships. All problems and desired outcomes are a piece of a larger territory – a part of the main – in a whole systems approach. We invite citizens, youth and adults, with in a setting like a community to use the manual as text to inform and guide a learning community in the history, theory, principles and practices of youth and community development through rites of passage.

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Community oriented rites of passage is distinguished from community-based rites of passage in its intended goal to impact both the individual and the community. It happens in a community or setting and designed with and for youth, their parents, school and community. It puts reciprocity into practice, not only between the individual and community, but the individual’s family, ancestors/culture, Spirit, nature and the Universe in what I’ve referred to as the “initiatory constellation.”

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Never Before Offered –

Since 1981 hundreds of thousands of youth and parents have participated the Rite Of Passage Experience© ROPE® in their community. It is an exemplar of youth & community development through rites of passage recognized as effective and cited as a model by many state and national organizations.

Youth & community development through rites of passage initiatives like ROPE® are based on 30,000 years of rites of passage in history and lessons learned with community-oriented rites of passage since 1966. Up until now this Guide has never been offered or sold without an intensive community-based learning community to study and experience rites of passage. We have always considered rites of passage to be our “shared sacred story” and one that could not be marketed, or sold as an act of commerce.

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A Peek Inside the Guide

The central purpose of this Guide is to mobilize and organize a community into actions through a shared story of rites of passage that can help shape a better future and a world that works for all. Reading the Guide within your community, sharing stories among your neighbors, educators, youth workers, policy makers, clergy, parents and youth, civic, cultural and community leader will inform and stimulate your community’s own rite of passage story.

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Circle Sit circa 1984 – Wethersfield, CT

Getting Along Together –
Essential Outcome of Community-Oriented Rites of Passage

Rites of passage teach cooperation and a sense of community. 542 Rite Of Passage Experience©, ROPE® participants simultaneously support each other in this “circle sit” to celebrate their community’s 350th birthday.

The “circle sit” is a difficult group challenge. Participants arrange themselves in a circle and use the lap of the person behind them as a “seat.” Everyone must communicate clearly and understand how they are going to all safely sit on the lap of the person behind them. It demands precision, trust and cooperation. Successful completion of the challenge is exhilarating! It fuels an individual’s belief in their ability to accomplish great things and reach challenging goals. This is a hallmark of the Rite Of Passage Experience©!

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